11 October 2015

living incompatible worlds

Making the possible possible with Urban cultures as bridges between Africa And Europe (ANSA e.V. Conference 2014)

'living incompatible worlds'
is a most beautiful concept 
as I believe most of us say merging incompatible worlds to be impossible
while living this merger possible at the same time.

Living it possible?
Yes, in our everyday actions and encounters
each and everyone practices unconsciously what our rational mind would consider 
impossible - incompatible.

And this I saw to be the case especially regarding the subject of 

Modern Science and Spirituality: 
Implications for development in Africa and in Europe

As behind this rather academically sounding title 
lays a universe 
origin to many of the current challenges we are facing both - 
in Africa and in Europe.

What would happen if we would consciously embrace that ...
>> modern and traditional healthcare go together?
>> traditional and modern political systems go hand in hand?
>> traditional and modern religions live with each other?
>> etc. ...

And the more:
what would be, if we would embrace, that this is something, 
which is already happening? 

Questions and considerations I am looking forward to have discussed during the upcoming ANSA e.V. conference in Bayreuth with my most favourite speaker: