19 July 2015

what solidarity means ... Tumenta Kennedy on the Greek crisis

I love this inside to the Greek crisis ...

"Even in Simbabwe, in Iran, in North Korea
we have not had this happening, that a country was collapsing. 
And all these are countries under heavy sanctions. But Greece is a country under any embargo.
But it can not survive - this is shocking!"

"Trust will be a fundamental element during the coming negotiations between the governments."

"He has to explain to his people, that solidarity means, investing into the conditions that will make us be sustainable in the long run."

... but watch it for yourself.


who I am proud to call
my mentor

one of the brightest minds I know
as he is never tiered to challenge the mind beyond what seems possible
drawing out the best in you - in me :-)

Aside that he is
political analyst and advisor on Europe-African matters / also to the former German president
man of the medicines and herbs
entrepreneur with African BIB.